Name Tape - U.S. VSHOC

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The United States Veterans Service Help Operations Corps Name Tapes are embroidered with yellow thread on an OCP tape on Velcro backing. Velcro tapes are 5" by 1" with 3/4" lettering in compliance with AR670-1 uniform regulations and are the military standard.

Name tapes are attached to the uniform coat or back of the patrol cap, or anywhere else you want to put a Name Tape! Name Tapes may be attached via Velcro or sewn on to the uniform coat.

Enter your LAST NAME, then select the quantity.

This is the Name Tape ONLY; DOES NOT INCLUDE THE BRANCH TAPE. The image of the branch tape is included only for reference.

Sew-On Service available for $5 per patch. ACU Coat, Fleece Jacket or Patrol Cap must be purchased from SD-Supply; we do not offer sew-on services for pre-owned uniforms.

The U.S. Army has officially changed ALL OCP Name Tapes, Branch Tapes and Rank Patch specifications to be produced on the 3-Color OCP, meaning that there will no longer be dark browns or greens in the color palette for OCP name or branch tapes. Suppliers are allowed to exhaust their current supply of 7-Color OCP tapes and patches, but once those are gone, all tapes and rank patches will be produced on 3-Color OCP.

Name tapes are non-refundable once they have been ordered. Color variations occur on the OCP tape material and we cannot guarantee or control the color composition for any name tape. Name Tape orders typically take 5-7 days to ship and cannot be expedited.