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The DA PAM 670-1 20-5 (2) specifies how the ACU Boots should be worn:

(a) The boots are laced diagonally. The color of the bootlaces will match the color of the boot, with the excess lace tucked into the top of the boot under the bloused trousers or slacks or wrapped around the top of the boot. Metal or plastic cleats and side tabs are not authorized for wear. Sewn-in or laced-in zipper or hook and-loop inserts are not authorized.

 Army Combat Uniform Boots

Reference the Footwear Size Conversion Chart below when choosing your size. Start with your normal shoe size as the boots we sell run very true to size. Propper brand ACU boots are only sold in men's sizes; see below for the conversion for women's sizes. Men's size 5 is the smallest size available, and all sizes are available in Medium or Wide widths.

Boot Size Conversion Chart

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