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The Army Combat Uniform Trousers refers to the pants worn with the ACU.

ACU Trousers Front ACU Trousers Rear

DA PAM 670-1 4–9. Combat uniform trousers
a. The combat uniform trousers are worn buttoned and with a belt. Soldiers will wear the trousers tucked into the top of the boots or bloused using the drawstrings at the bottom of the trousers or using commercial blousing devices if the trousers are not tucked into the boots. The legs of the trousers must be long enough to allow blousing over the combat boots. Personnel will not wrap the trouser leg around the leg tightly enough to present a pegged appearance or insert any items inside the trouser leg to create a round appearance at the bottom of the trouser leg. When bloused, the trousers will not extend below the third eyelet from the top of the boot.

Click here for an instructional video on Trouser Blousing.

b. When buttoned and waist straps are adjusted [standard ACU trousers are no longer equipped with waist straps], the trousers must fit easily at the waist. The bottom edges in the front of the coat will protrude if the coat is too snug at the waist and hips. The crotch of the trousers should not bind. Trousers must fit loosely enough at seat to allow squatting and bending.

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c. Uniforms equipped with knee pouches for internal knee pad inserts must be closed at all times.

What is the difference between Male and Female sizes?

SD-Supply offers the full catalog of sizes for the ACU-Female uniforms. Females may choose to wear either male or female sizes, depending on their body types, but the female sizes are different to accommodate the female hips, and us different measurements than the standard male ACU sizes.

DA PAM 670-1 4-7 o. The ACU–female is an authorized alternate ACU designed in a wider range of sizes. If worn, it must have the same general appearance and fit as prescribed for the ACU.

ACU-Female Trousers ACU-Female Trousers Rear

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What's the difference between the ACU Trousers and the IHWCU Trousers?

The IHWCU (Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform) is the most recent utility uniform authorized for wear by the U.S. Army that modifies both materials and construction of the ACU trousers. The most noticeable of the changes to the trousers are the quick-drying material and the gusseted knees, which allow more range of motion when moving form the standing to kneeling positions.

IHWCU Trousers Front IHWCU Trousers Rear

According to the instructions in the AR 670-1 4-4, "soldiers will not mix the outer elements of the IHWCU and ACU."

For more information on the IHWCU components and wear, click here.

Can I make alterations to the ACU Trousers?

Alterations to the ACU Trousers are permitted, but only to the length. The DA PAM 670-1 says that only alterations authorized by AR 700-84 are permitted, but that regulation states that the only authorized alterations to the ACU are to the length of the trousers.

DA PAM 670-1 4-8 q. Only those alterations authorized by AR 700–84 and TM 10–227 are authorized.
AR 700-84 Table 13.1  Alterations to uniforms, ACU are limited to shortening the trouser length.


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