Michigan Defense Force

Uniform and equipment products in accordance with the Michigan Defense Force SOP 670-1.

Michigan Defense Force SOP 670-1
According to the SOP 670-1 for the Michigan Defense Force, service members are required to possess the following items:
List of Major Components Minimum Number 
Tag, Identification, w/ chains, set (two tags) 1
Branch Tape, Michigan 2
Name Tape, Individual Last Name 2
Insignia, shoulder sleeve, Defense Force, subdued 1
Jacket, cold weather 1
Liner, cold weather jacket or Fleece Jacket 1
Coat, ACU 1
Trousers, ACU 1
Cap, Patrol ACU 1
Undershirt 2
Socks, tan, green or black, w/ cushion sole 2
Boots, Combat, pair 1
Belt, nylon, riggers (w/ ACU Uniform) 1
Gloves, leather, shell, pair 1
Insert, wool, gloves, pair 1