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The standard Army Combat Uniform Undershirt is worn by both men and women under the ACU Coat and is worn tucked into the trousers at all times.

DA PAM 670-1 20-32 e. specifies that the undershirt color is Tan 499 (coyote) and is a cotton-knit or a cotton-poly blend  with quarter-length sleeves and a crew-neck, or of similar design.

Tan 499 is a coyote color with a slight green tint to it. The color of the t-shirt may be referred to as "coyote", but are labeled as Tan 499 refers, the technical color, to ensure compliance with the AR 670-1.

Tan 499 Undershirt

The undershirts previously worn with the Army Combat Uniforms in the Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP or digital camouflage) were sand-colored, but are no longer authorized for wear with the ACU in OCP. 

Commercially available Tan 499 undershirts are available in 100% cotton, 40/60 cotton-poly blend, and 100% polyester moisture wicking varieties. All meet the standards for AR 670-1 compliance, as long as the color is correct. 

See the Description section below for specific materials and construction requirements for undershirts to meet AR 670-1 requirements.

Summary of the DA PAM 670-1 Guidelines Regarding Undershirts

DA PAM 670-1 20-32 e. Undershirt, tan 499 (male and female).

  1. Type. The undershirt is a clothing bag issue item or optional purchase items.
  2. Description. The material is cotton-knit cloth or 50-percent cotton and 50-percent polyester with quarter-length sleeves and a crew neck or is of a similar commercial design.
  3. How worn. All personnel will wear the tan 499 undershirt with all utility uniforms, except for and garrison culinary uniforms.
  4. Foliage green undershirt alternative. The foliage green undershirt is 100-percent cotton and is authorized for wear in lieu of the tan 499 undershirt by those Soldiers in jobs that have an associated flame risk or hazard. Those Soldiers authorized wear are outlined in CTA 50–900. The foliage green undershirt is required to support those individuals in armor and aviation fields that cannot wear the tan 499 moisture-wicking t-shirt, to include fuel handlers and others who handle hazardous materials.

    DA PAM 670-1 4-8. Combat Uniform Coat

    d. The tan 499 undershirt is worn underneath the coat. It is tucked inside the trousers at all times.



    Tan 499 undershirt
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