State Defense Supply Gift Card

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State Defense Supply Gift Cards are great for so many reasons! Here are just a few that we can think of:

  • A birthday or anniversary gift for that service member in your life
  • To be used as rewards or incentives for accomplishments by commanders or Senior NCOS
  • To support a service member in their service
  • Saving up for a larger purchase, buy gift cards in smaller denominations as you can
  • To congratulate someone on their latest promotion or service milestone
  • When you just don't know what else to give them!

As members of State Defense Forces, we are usually responsible for purchasing our own uniforms and equipment. If you are a new incoming recruit, consider asking family and friends to support your service by providing you SD Supply Gift Cards to help get you started!

  • Gift cards have no expiration, and may be refilled and reused.
  • When purchasing a gift card please provide a shipping address for a physical card to be mailed to the recipient. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery. 
  • Some discounts may not  be valid when using a gift card; some limits or exclusions may apply.